Exploring Ishigaki Island’s Kabira Bay


I know it’s been a while since the last post about my travels in Okinawa but I’ve just been super busy playing tour guide for our visitor. But I have not forgotten! I’m still working through all the photos but here are some from our first day at Ishigaki. We went to Kabira Bay, which is perhaps the most popular observation point for the island and understandably so. With its white sands and turquoise waters, it’s a beautiful spot for photography and just kicking back to enjoy the scenery. 

Kabira Bay Views

As soon as I saw the clear waters of the bay, I just wanted to jump in! Unfortunately, there is no swimming in the bay due to the boat traffic and strong currents. Still, I was perfectly happy just admiring the view and walking along the white sand.

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Glass Bottom Boat Excursion

After wandering about the bay on our own, we took a 30 minute tour in a glass bottom boat to get a look at the reef life out in the bay. It was a fun little excursion looking at reef life with plenty of clams, coral and fish. A few of the fish were quite large but most were small, such as clownfish…I can’t believe I’ve jokingly called them Nemo fish for so long I had to look up their name! >_< Our guide told us the best time of the day to visit is early in the morning so if you go, keep that in mind. I tried to take photos as we went but wasn’t really paying any attention to the camera and mostly got blurry images focused on the glass. At least I got nice shots of the bay from the boat!

Resized-P1090249 Resized-P1090130 Resized-P1090185 Resized-P1090211 Resized-P1090180 Resized-P1090245 Resized-P1090233

Exploring the Nearby Area

After visiting the bay itself, we walked around the paths from the bay to explore the area a bit. We found lots of beautiful scenery with butterflies, plants and even a small shrine.

Resized-P1090048 Resized-P1090252 Resized-P1090255 Resized-P1090291 Resized-P1090264 Resized-P1090294 Resized-P1090265 Resized-P1090273

A Taste of Okinawa

After spending so much time in the sun, I was definitely ready to take a break for something to eat and lots of ice water. We quickly found a restaurant near the bay where we could relax and take a break from the sun.

I chose a chilled ramen noodle dish that was served in a beautiful shell. The noodles were colored green by Chlorella, a single-cell green algae high in protein and other essential nutrients. Dipping the noodles into the tare sauce (water, soy sauce and sugar) made for a delicious meal perfect for a hot day!


My husband chose soki noodles, a specialty in Okinawa. It consisted of soba noodles with boneless stewed pork spare ribs with the cartilage still attached. He said it tasted good but it was a little hard to get used to the cartilage texture in the dish.


And of course we also had to have some dessert. My husband went for a pineapple smoothie that was very, very tart while I went in the opposite direction for some Blue Seal Okinawan sweet potato ice cream. Yum!

Resized-P1090301 Resized-P1090304

We had a wonderful time enjoying the bay views and strolling along the water. I was surprised to see few tourists there but we were about a month ahead of the usual tourist rush. And we certainly were not going to complain about having more of the bay to ourselves!


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