Relaxing in Ishigaki: Fusaki Resort Village & Beach


During our trip to Okinawa, we decided to treat ourselves and stay at a resort since it was our anniversary. We stayed at the Fusaki Resort Village on the west coast of Ishigaki and were completely impressed with the quality of the resort, wonderful service, and beautiful beach-side location. Oh, and let’s not forget the delicious food!

Cottage Accommodations

The guest accommodations were all in small, cottage-like buildings with traditional Okinawan red tile roofs. There were only 3 or 4 units per building and even though we were there ahead of the busy season, I think the relaxed, spacious atmosphere would remain year-round. We found it very peaceful during our stay.


The paths leading through the resort were all lined with tropical plants so I was constantly stopping to smell the flowers.

Resized-P1090318 Resized-P1090308 Resized-P1090313 Resized-P1090323

We even saw hummingbirds enjoying the flowers by our room!


Fusaki Beach

One of the best things about the resort was the beach right by the cottages. The path to the beach went through a bit of garden so the beautiful plant theme continued from our cottage door all the way to the beach.


And of course you’ll find shisa guarding the path, too! It wouldn’t be Okinawa without them.


My first look at the beach was far from a disappointment. With the white sand, blue ocean and relaxing pier, it looked just like a picture from a magazine!

Resized-P1090010 Resized-P1090032

For a while we just sat here in the chairs at the end of the pier, enjoying the breeze and soaking up the atmospher. So relaxing!


We did do some swimming but you have to be careful anytime you’re swimming in Okinawa. They have a type of jellyfish called the Habu Jellyfish, which seems to be named after the Habu snake, a venomous viper found in Okinawa. Stings from the jellyfish often result in nothing more than mild pain but they can also sometimes be life threatening. We saw several signs warning about them at beaches throughout Okinawa.


Many beaches do have netted swim areas to help protect from these critters. Fusaki Beach had just such an area and that’s where we swam during our stay.


After chilling at the pier, we decided to stroll along the beach and see what we could find. It’s a favorite activity for me and one I look forward to during any beach trip. We found lots of coral and small shells. And the hermit crabs! They were everywhere! It was so much fun to watch these little guys going about their business.

Resized-P1090033 Resized-P1090034 Resized-P1090042

And once the sun began to set…it was just beautiful.

Resized-P1090325 Resized-P1090326 Resized-P1090331 Resized-P1090333 Resized-P1090343 Resized-P1090344 Resized-P1090346 Resized-P1090348 Resized-P1090373

Dining at Cafe & Bistro Natura

After nature’s sunset show, we headed back to get some dinner at one of the resort’s restaurants. We chose the Cafe & Bistro Natura, which had a large selection of various types of cuisine. I chose a dish that really reminded me of poke back in Hawaii. It consisted of tuna sashimi, peppers, avocado, egg, and seaweed in a soy sauce-based marinade over rice. I’ve mentioned my love of umeshu (plum liquor) before and I decided to try a Seifuku awamori-based umeshu this time around. It was all delicious! The tuna and avocado combination was perfect and made for a very delicious dish. The umeshu was different from the very sweet umeshu I’ve had in the past. The awamori variety was slightly tart but with an underlying brown sugar/molasses sweetness that followed the initial tart flavor. So good!!


My husband went for another simple dish of pork chop, asparagus and rice, with a beer to wash it down. It was quite good but the portion size of his dish was a bit on the small side. But not to worry, I often find I cannot finish my meal and that was the case yet again that night so he also got to enjoy a portion of my dish.


And then we had to have dessert. I mean, it’s vacation so it’s kind of a rule, right? I went for a salty brown sugar ice cream that was absolutely delicious! If you’re a fan of sweet and salty taste combinations, this is the ice cream for you!


My husband’s choice was a tropical cake with mango and dragon fruit. The fruit and cake were mildly sweet (at least compared to mine!) and went perfectly with the slightly tart sauce you see around the edge of the plate.


If you’re looking for a place to stay in Ishigaki, I’d definitely recommend the Fusaki Resort Village. We had a wonderful experience there. Besides the comfortable accommodations, beautiful beach, and delicious restaurants, the staff provided incredible service. And if you are just passing through, it’s still worth a stop to enjoy the beach and have a nice meal. If I ever have the chance to go back, this will definitely be at the top of my list for places to stay!


  1. What a perfect spot. Loved seeing so many photographs. The crab was delightful.

    I’ve been to the main island of Okinawa only. It was both urban and crazy, hot and yet by the coast was tranquil and gorgeous. I went to a snake zoo. Gah! Saw that viper. Pretty scary. I held a python that had its jaw wired shut..sad.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed all the photos. It was such a beautiful place that you couldn’t help getting great shots!

      We were trying to see as many of the islands as we could during our short trip so we did not get to spend much time on the main island of Okinawa. I’d love to go back and explore more if I ever get the chance. I definitely don’t want to see any snakes though unless they’re behind glass!

      1. Agreed! I’ve been to a snake farm in Viet Nam where they treat people for bites. None of the snakes were behind glass. The spitting cobras were scary! 🙂

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