Things I’m Loving – March 2015

It’s just now the beginning of April but the temperatures have risen here in Honolulu and it’s already making me think of summer. Even though it was just a year ago that I was in Japan and enjoying the beginning of sakura (cherry blossom) season, it feels like that was years ago and a world away. My days are still filled mostly with school-related activities, whether that be class, studying, or working on any of the several projects I’m involved with at the university. But I think when it’s so busy, that’s probably one of the most important times to take a few minutes and reflect so here are some of the things I was loving in March!

1. Spring Break!

This probably needs no explanation. The first couple weeks of March I think I was largely trying to hang in there to make it to Spring Break. With so much going on, a week off sounded like the best thing ever! Of course I had a lot of studying planned but just knowing I didn’t have to be anywhere at a specific time and could finally catch up on sleep…that was terrific. The unfortunate part was that I got sick for the second half of the break. It was a nasty bug that I’m just now getting over so a lot of the work I’d planned to catch up on and fun beach days I was hoping for didn’t happen but there was a bright side. I got soooo much sleep! And my husband was so good to look after me, bringing me soup and medicine and making me as comfortable as possible. While it’s never fun to be sick, it is nice to be taken care of when it does happen. So I’m looking on the bright side for this one!

2. Relaxing evenings with friends

Before I got sick during break, I managed to spend some relaxing evenings with friends and catch up with folks I hadn’t seen since winter break. Just kicking back and chatting with friends over some delicious pupus (appetizers) felt so restorative. I’d love to see them more often but it’s also nice to know that even when you can’t see friends frequently, you can fall right back into step when you get together. And one get-together involved randomly creating pastel art on a friend’s lanai! Gotta love my friends. 🙂

3. Greed dice game


At one of my get-togethers, someone brought along a fun little dice game called Greed. It involves throwing six 4-sided die in an attempt to get the highest score possible in each turn. Different combinations allow different points but each time you throw in your turn, you have to keep back at least one dice from the next throw until all are used. The catch is that if you throw a combination that doesn’t allow you to add to your score, then you lose all points earned during that turn, thus allowing your greed to get the better of you. I won the game so I might be biased but I think it’s a simple and fun game that’s entertaining while still allowing you to chat with friends. It’s definitely going on my wish list!

4. The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin


I read this book years ago at the recommendation of a friend and when discussing books with another friend, this book came to mind and I decided it was time for a revisit. Normally I feel too busy to read many “fun” books but while I was sick and taking medication that made me a bit drowsy, I couldn’t really read anything that required too much focus (like biostatistics). I took advantage of that time to reread The Left Hand of Darkness and remembered why I’ve loved the stories I’ve read by Ursula K. Le Guin. She has a fantastic hand for world building and this work introduces the reader to an alien world of individuals who may change their gender but spend most of their time genderless. It’s a fascinating story that I’d recommend to anyone who loves science fiction.

5. Salted Caramel Clusters


These are so delicious! I saw these at Sam’s Club and it was like they were calling my name. As you’ve probably guessed from some of my other posts, the caramel and dark chocolate combination has become one of my favorites and the pretzel combination gives it a nice twist. I’d say the best pretzel is the one covered in dark chocolate. 😉

It’s time for me to be finishing up some midterm papers and catching up on work I missed during my illness so it’s busy, busy as usual. With the months flying by so quickly, I hate to wish any time away but I’m already looking forward to summer break! >_< Maybe then I can actually complete some of the longer and more involved posts I’ve started and never finished over the past few months. But until then, I’ll keep my eyes open for gaps in my schedule for an evening with friends, try to fit some fun reading in before bed, and of course enjoy a bit of chocolate now and then!


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