Things I’m Loving – June 2015

I have been relaxing so much this summer that it’s just slipping by me so quickly! I’ve really been in that mode where I forget what day of the week it is and when I actually go to schedule a meeting with someone, I realize it’s already half way through July and wasn’t it just June?? Yeah…time to post that list of things I was especially enjoying in June!

1. Rainbow Shower Trees


There are quite a few of these trees planted around Oahu with several lining the streets through campus. They have beautiful cascading flowers that range in color from pink to yellow. Even when I’m wilting in the heat on my walk to campus I have to appreciate the beauty of these trees and smile. 🙂

2. Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

Before a friend’s birthday bash, I didn’t even realize this little beach park was there. The entrance is far enough inland that it doesn’t look like there is beach access and there isn’t really a sign to lead you there. The park has several spots for camping back off the beach in the shade. The beach itself is beautiful of course and when we went, there weren’t the crowds you see at a lot of Oahu beaches, which I really appreciate. More beach for me!

3. Hawaii Star Wheat Sour Dough Bread


I love sourdough bread but I don’t see it very often here in Hawaii. Sweet breads are more popular here. So when I saw this in the store, I had to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not quite San Francisco sourdough sour but unlike most brands I can find here, you do get that sourdough flavor. My only problem is the loaf seems to be gone as soon as I open it! I kept forgetting to take a photo, or thinking there was still bread left for a photo only to find that was not the case. That’s why you get a photo of a partially eaten sandwich with the wheat sourdough bread, some roast beef, cheddar, and tomato…and now I’m hungry!

4. Stargate Atlantis

Photo source:

Photo source:

Stargate SG-1 was included in May’s list so Stargate Atlantis has to make the June list. Atlantis is a spin-off series that takes off during season 8 of SG-1 and continues for 5 years. In this series, the characters are part of an expedition that uses the Stargate to venture to another galaxy entirely, the Pegasus Galaxy, where they of course encounter new cultures and a new enemy, the Wraith, who feed on humans. It has the character interaction and imaginative science fiction aspect that I loved in SG-1 but it’s quite different as well. I think it’s perhaps a bit geekier in that characters in the show occasionally reference other science fiction shows. The heroes aren’t really your typical hero types either. Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) is the lead science guy and while he’s clearly brilliant, he’s also rather arrogant and lacking in social skills, sometimes painfully so. He says whatever he’s thinking and occasionally his overconfidence in his abilities comes back to bite him. But as the show continues, we see more and more of the other aspects of his character such as his willingness to do whatever necessary for his team (though he’s probably letting everyone know just how terrified he is the entire way). Lt. Colonel John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) seems pretty laid-back and perhaps too lazy to get very far in the military but when his team’s welfare is on the line, his loyalty to his team becomes apparent and we see a lot more depth to the character. And he definitely has a darker side that occasionally comes out when he’s trying to protect his own. When McKay is planning to sacrifice himself to a Wraith in order to save his sister, Sheppard basically convinces someone else to step in and take his place. Definitely not the typical hero.

5. Pepperidge Farm Milano Double Chocolate cookies

Someone brought these into the office to share while we were writing some coding for a project, just to keep our energy levels up. It took just one cookie for me to be sold on these. The dark chocolate are great but the double chocolate have double the goodness! 😉

I hope you are all having a terrific summer!


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