Things I’m Loving – March 2017

As I mentioned in my last post, the past few weeks have just flown by. I can hardly believe our daughter is over a month old already! Having a newborn is definitely not the easiest thing in the world…I have never been more sleep-deprived in my life…but I wouldn’t want to miss a single coo or smile! We’ve had a lot of family visit over the past few weeks to visit the new addition and also give us a hand so we have managed to get out of the house a bit and I managed to make sure not every item on this month’s list is baby-related. 😉 

1. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Snuggle Suite

Graco Pack n Play

Image source:

Space is at a premium here in Hawaii and when I first started looking around at our little one-bedroom apartment, I had a hard time imagining space for all the things I saw advertised as essential for a baby’s nursery. Then one of my friends told me about how some play yards are now made to take the place of cribs and are designed for smaller spaces. After some research, we selected the Graco Snuggle Suite version and I absolutely love it! The bassinet section provides a safe and comfortable place for our baby to sleep and the attached entertainment feature includes a light that allows me to easily check on her in the middle of the night without turning on the bright overhead room lights. The suite also comes with a changing table and storage area that snap onto the frame so everything is conveniently located in one place. One of our baby’s favorite features is the bouncing infant seat: it can snap onto the frame or be removed to carry into a separate room. I love it because I can easily take our baby into the other room and have a safe spot for her to rest and she loves the ‘soothing vibration’ feature, which often lulls her to sleep. It takes up less space than some of the more traditional cribs plus we don’t have to have a separate changing table. As she gets older, we can remove the bassinet and the lower section becomes a play yard. And the frame folds up into a convenient carrying bag! While we haven’t needed the portability aspect of the pack ‘n play just yet, it’s one of the features we were looking for and I’m sure we’ll be happy for it soon. 🙂

2. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

I love, love, love this travel system! When I was looking for car seats and strollers, I did a lot of online research and asked friends and coworkers who are parents for their recommendations. I also went to a couple stores and tested out floor models of various strollers to see how easy they were to turn, fold, etc. This travel set won out. The KeyFit 30 infant car seat is highly rated and with the leveling foot and bubble-level indicator, it was super easy to install the base for the car seat. Anytime we go somewhere, we simply set the car seat on the base, listen for the click that tells us it’s locked in place, and we’re good to go! The stroller functions as a carrier for the infant car seat and once again, it’s very easy to slide the seat into place on the stroller and with one click, you’re off! It also includes a basket so you can easily carry bags/supplies without having everything slung over your shoulder, a convenient tray with cup holders for parents, and a canopy that keeps the sun off our baby. I love that the stroller is very easy to maneuver and it’s super easy to fold as well. You just pull the handle located under the seat and it automatically folds itself…only one hand required! (And let me tell you, I’m finding that I always seem to need another hand for something these days so this is really awesome!) Plus, once our baby grows out of the infant car seat, the carrier transforms into a full toddler stroller. So convenient!

3. Monthly baby photo

Monthly Baby Photo Template

The past few weeks have gone by so quickly and while I did notice that our baby was growing, I didn’t realize how very much she had changed until I was showing family some photos taken the day after she was born. It’s amazing how much they grow and change in just one month! To help capture this, I decided to do a monthly photo of our baby so we can see her progress over time. After looking around Pinterest for some ideas, I decided to go with a simple chalkboard and include updated info each month (things like weight, height, milestones, what she’s loving this month). I simply dressed her in a cute outfit, placed her and the chalkboard on a cream-colored blanket, had the hubby snap a photo, and voilà! Instant adorable photo! ❤

4. Logan

Movie - Logan

Image source:

One of the things our visiting family members suggested we do was take a little time for ourselves to get out and see a movie. We’re definitely not going to have a lot of time for just the two of us so we took them up on their offer and went to see the latest Marvel movie. I don’t even remember ever seeing a trailer for it so I was expecting basically what I expect from the majority of these movies: an action-packed, fun and entertaining movie that doesn’t necessarily have a lot in the way of complex plot or superior acting. That’s not a criticism really; I quite enjoy that kind of movie on occasion. But this movie was much more than I expected. I don’t want to spoil anything but it was much more serious than any of the other Marvel movies I’ve seen…in a good way! The more serious storyline allowed Patrick Stewart (Professor X) and Hugh Jackman (Logan) to actually show off their acting chops. This movie is much darker than the simple/fun movies I usually expect and is set in a future where things have not gone well for the original X-Men team (what and why are revealed during the movie) leading Logan and Professor X to go into hiding from the world. I was especially impressed by how well Hugh Jackman portrayed a very weary Logan with the weight of the world on his shoulders. It was definitely not a happy movie but it was very well done and I would certainly recommend seeing it.

5. Banán


Banán is a cute little spot offering dairy-free soft serve made from locally grown bananas and other ingredients. The soft serve comes in several flavors like acaí, liliko’i (passion fruit), and green tea and though they all have a strong banana flavor (at least all the ones I’ve tried have), other flavors definitely do come through. They also have a lot of tasty toppings like shaved coconut, honey, and pineapple. My favorite so far has been the chocolate mac flavor with local dark chocolate and mac nut honey butter toppings. Yum!

That’s it for March! Now maybe I can take a quick nap before the little one wakes for her next meal… 😉

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