Things I’m Loving – April 2017

It’s May already? What?! That doesn’t seem possible! I had hoped to have a routine down by now but that is not the case…I’ve had several days where I’d get into a routine and think I’ve got this mommy thing figured out, but then there is a growth spurt or tummy ache or something that makes a joke of my ‘routine.’ I guess babies laugh at schedules. 😉 May’s arrival means I’ll be heading back to work soon. But first, a look back at some of the things I’ve been loving!

1. Baby smiles!

This past month our little bundle of joy has really started smiling a lot. I can be completely exhausted from sleep deprivation brought on by baby’s fussing over a gassy tummy or the voracious appetite that comes with a growth spurt and it just takes one little smile to turn me into an overjoyed momma without a care in the world. 

2. Jellycat Bashful Grey Bunny

Jellycat Bashful Grey Bunny

Image source:

When I was a kid, it was tradition to get a chocolate bunny for Easter each year and since chocolate is not yet on the menu for our little one, I decided to find the softest bunny plushy I could find. And here is the winner! I ordered the medium sized plushy which is 12″ tall and I couldn’t be happier. This little guy is soooo soft!! And I found out the company makes a variety of animal plushies and companion books as well. I may have some more shopping to do. 😉

3. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser

Aveeno Foaming Cleanser

Image source:

I’ve been using Aveeno products for a long time now. My skin tends to be sensitive and react rather badly to a lot of products but I haven’t had that problem with Aveeno. This foaming cleanser has become part of my daily routine to gently wash away the dirt of the day. It’s also fragrance free which is another plus for me. And unlike some other products I’ve tried, I can use this day after day without any concern that it’s gradually irritating my skin into a full-blown breakout. Definitely a win!

4. Neko Atsume app

Neko Atsume 20170502_214002

With all the time spent taking care of baby needs, I find I have very few real blocks of time leftover. The time I do have seems to be quickly eaten up with chores like dishes and laundry. (How can such a small person create so much dirty laundry?!) So this is the perfect game for me right now. The Japanese name translates to “Cat Collection” and it’s incredibly easy to play. You just place goodies such as blankets, balls of yarn, and boxes around the room, fill the food bowl with something tasty, and wait for the cats to appear! It’s that simple! Each cat has it’s own personality and preferences when it comes to toys and treats so if you want to see them all, you have to try different combinations. And when cats visit and play with toys, they leave you fish in return. You can use these fish to purchase more goodies and treats. It’s a very cute game and it requires only as much time and effort as you want to put into the game. I can put out some toys and food and then leave it alone. When I have another moment, I can look at the app and see what cats have wandered by. And I never have to change a litter box! 😉

5. Mango Maui Black Tea

There for a while I had the habit of taking a break each day and enjoying some tea with cookies…something I brought back from my vacation in London last year. I pretty much stopped drinking tea while pregnant but I’m getting back into the habit again. Recently I’ve really been enjoying this Mango Maui black tea. I tend to favor a simple black tea and this variety adds just the right amount of mango flavor to give it a little pizzazz without going overboard. I find it goes really well with Pepperidge Farm Milano dark chocolate cookies. Yum!!

Okay, time to get to bed for me…right after I get that laundry finished!

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