Things I’m Loving – May 2017

Now that it’s June, I think I have a new routine: I get comfortable with the baby’s current likes/dislikes and feel like I’m really clued into her cues, she starts working on some new skill and changes up many of her likes/dislikes, I work on adjusting to these changes and figuring out how to handle her new needs/wants, and then as soon as I’m comfortable the entire thing starts all over again! I think as soon as I accepted this cycle as my new routine and gave up on the idea of a regular schedule, I immediately felt more relaxed. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? 😉 Here are some of the things I’ve been loving this month as I learned this new life lesson.

1. Baby laughs!

It might be the new mom thing but suddenly baby laughs have become the most magical sound in the world.  The first time we heard our little one laugh, we were so delighted! And the effect certainly hasn’t worn off. Each time she laughs, we stop whatever we’re doing (unless what we’re doing is making her laugh) and focus all attention on her. It’s baby lurve! 

2. Pixel XL

Pixel XL

Image source:

My previous phone began having some issues a few weeks ago and the problems escalated quickly so I decided it was time for an upgrade. I’d heard about the Pixel from various sources so when I started looking for a new phone, it was the first (and it turns out, the last) I looked at. I love it! I’ve been an android user for years so the operating system feels just as smooth and familiar as ever. The camera is great which was an important factor for me since I have to be able to snap good photos of my little one at any moment. 😉 I also selected the XL, which is .5″ larger than the standard version, and watching videos on the screen is comfortable. It also comes with the Google Assistant which I’ve only tried it out on a few things but so far it’s done everything I’ve asked. This phone is definitely a win!

3. Taudrey Pretty Please bangle stack

This year was the first time I celebrated Mother’s Day from the mom’s side of the equation and my husband bought me beautiful bracelets from Taudrey, a handmade jewelry shop. This gorgeous bangle set comes as a set of three slim bracelets in different finishes: gold, rose gold, and silver. The different finishes look very sleek together and you can customize each with up to 30 characters. For mine, my husband personalized the bracelets with our little one’s name, birth date, and the phrase “precious in every way ♡.” I love them and will treasure them for years to come!

4. Forest app

Forest app 20170523

I have now returned to work part-time, working mostly from home and only going in for the occasional meeting. My husband and I have been taking turns every 2-3 hours being the primary baby watcher/caregiver/entertainer so we don’t have to worry about finding suitable childcare and I don’t have to struggle with missing her like I would if I were in the office all day. I have found it a bit hard to get my usual focus back though and when a friend recommended this app, I had to give it a try. In the app, you set a specific amount of time up to 120 minutes during which  you want to focus and when you’re ready to focus, you plant a tree that grows in the app during the set time. If you navigate away from the app during that time period, your tree dies but if you stayed focused and off your phone, you have a tree at the end of the session. The longer the session, the more full your tree. You gain points by accumulating time focused and you can then unlock new types of trees to plant. This is a screenshot of my most focused day yet. It’s definitely more than my usual but I think that day I not only used it for work, but also to help me put aside my phone at night so I was getting more rest inside of accidentally going to check one email on my phone and then looking up to see an hour had passed. It’s a fun way to help me stay focused and I’m definitely going to keep using it.

5. Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym/Playmat

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Playmat

Image source:

Our little one has really been enjoying this little activity gym/playmat. Each of the little toys has something of interest, like a bell, a squeaky piece, or a mirrored side. At first she enjoyed just swinging her arms at the hanging toys and listening to them rattle or jingle but now she loves to grasp them and ‘talk’ to them as well. It’s also a great spot for her to have tummy time and to work on her roll. So far she’s just rolling onto her side but that could change before we know it!

That’s it for May! Looking forward to what June brings my way. 🙂


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