Things I’m Loving – June 2017

There has been a lot going on this month in my household because we are moving in just a couple more weeks! That’s right. Time to put on those wandering shoes again! We’re picking up and moving from sunny Hawaii to head over to…sunny Florida. 😉 We always knew that Hawaii probably wouldn’t be where we hung our hats forever. When we got the opportunity to move out here, we jumped at the chance and it’s been a wonderful adventure. But there are downsides to living in paradise. The cost of living is so high and the thought of trying to really put down roots and buy into the housing market…crazy. Now another opportunity is taking us to a much more wallet friendly area of Florida and I’m ready for that next adventure! But before we move on, here are some of the things I’ve been loving this month.

1. Redbubble onesies

When one of my friends visited us, she brought gifts for the little one, including several onesies from Redbubble in different sizes and colors with prints that were references to some of the things we both enjoy, from TV (Supernatural) to music (Muse) to literature (Watership Down). So adorable! It was such a thoughtful gift and they put a smile on my face every time I see them. The little one hasn’t quite grown into the largest one yet so I still have that to look forward to. 💕

2. MVMT Chrono Gunmetal Black watch

For Father’s Day, I wanted to get my husband something that was on the nicer side but that he would actually use and enjoy, not just pull out on special occasions. After a lot of searching the web for ideas, I finally decided to go with my original idea and buy him a watch…but then what kind? After a lot of searching, I found this MVMT Chrono Gunmetal Black watch. I love the sleek, modern aesthetic and I knew it would be the kind of watch he would appreciate: different enough to catch his interest while maintaining the usefulness of an everyday watch. (Some designs of various watches I found during my search looked really interesting and fun but you wouldn’t actually be able to tell time with them!) Turns out he loves it so definitely a win!

3. e.l.f. Exfoliating Scrub

e.l.f. Exfoliating Scrub

Image source:

I have rather sensitive skin so often I find cleansing products are just too harsh for my skin to take. But I love this e.l.f. exfoliating scrub! I started out just using it twice a week to make sure my skin didn’t have any kind of reaction but I’ve been using it for a while now without any problems. The exfoliant is just enough to leave my skin feeling soft and smooth, unlike other products that sometimes make me feel like they’re trying to take every bit of my skin off. This is definitely my go-to exfoliating scrub!

4. Duolingo


Language learning is something I really enjoy but it’s also something I’m not particularly good at. I don’t quickly make connections on how grammar works when it differs very much from English and I can get frustrated sometimes with trying to find time in my day to practice or study. And really, that’s what I need more than anything. To take time to study. Every. Single. Day. It’s been quite a while since I did any Japanese language study so when I heard Duolingo now has a Japanese course, I had to try it out. It starts out by testing you to see where you are in proficiency so you can get started right away learning new things. A map of lessons shows what you’ve already cleared, subjects available for you to study now, and those subjects locked until you’ve cleared those currently available. It allows you to build on what you already know without overwhelming you with too much new material too quickly. And as days pass, those lessons you were weakest on will pop back up as needing a review so you can practice and continue to improve on those words/lessons. The app interface is also really user friendly so you can easily download and just get started. You can set goals for how much you want to study each day so whether you have 5 minutes or 20 minutes, you can study every single day. So far I’ve only used it for Japanese but I’m interested to add another course as well in a language I have no experience with and see what learning a language completely from scratch feels like with this type of program. The hard part about that is which one to pick!!

5. Liliha Bakery coco puffs


I have no idea how many calories or how much sugar you find in these (and I don’t want to know!) but these are sooooo delicious! They’re basically little puff pastries with a chocolate pudding center and a buttery/sugar concoction on top that just melts in your mouth. I seriously have to get these anytime I have a guest from out of town. That’s right, these make my “must have while in Hawaii” list! I’m really going to miss these when we move!

And that brings us to the end of the June post of things I’m loving. The next month is going to be a whirlwind and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to Hawaii. But I’m really hoping it won’t be a “Goodbye” so much as a “See you later” because I’d love to come back to visit friends, relive memories, and make new ones here in this little bit of paradise we’ve called home. 🙂


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