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Korilakkuma Prize

Korilakkuma bowl

Korilakkuma bowl

The Lawson convenience store chain has been running a campaign the past few months where you can collect proof of purchase from select items at their stores and then exchange them for a Rilakkuma bowl. One day last week, they exchanged a limited number of special Korilakkuma bowls starting at 7:00 am. Was I there before 7? Of course! Target acquired! ^_~

If you saw my March Things I’m Loving post, you may remember seeing a similar bowl that was brown and yellow…

Rilakkuma Bowl

Yep, that’s the one! That one was based off the character Rilakkuma (リラックマ), a cute brown bear who is all about relaxing. It’s even in his name! “Rilakusu” is the Japanese pronunciation of “relax,” while “kuma” is the Japanese word for “bear.” Stick them together and you have Rilakkuma. The special bowl I got last week is fashioned after Korilakkuma, a smaller, child-like white bear who is a companion to Rilakkuma. “Ko” can be used to refer to a child or a baby animal in Japanese and since she looks like a smaller version of Rilakkuma, it seems like a fitting name.

And now I have a set of these cute little bowls! Whenever I am feeling busy or stressed, I’m going to serve up something tasty in these and remind myself to relax!