Things I’m Loving – June 2017

There has been a lot going on this month in my household because we are moving in just a couple more weeks! That’s right. Time to put on those wandering shoes again! (more…)


Things I’m Loving – March 2017

As I mentioned in my last post, the past few weeks have just flown by. I can hardly believe our daughter is over a month old already! Having a newborn is definitely not the easiest thing in the world…I have never been more sleep-deprived in my life…but I wouldn’t want to miss a single coo or smile! We’ve had a lot of family visit over the past few weeks to visit the new addition and also give us a hand so we have managed to get out of the house a bit and I managed to make sure not every item on this month’s list is baby-related. 😉  (more…)

Things I’m Loving – May 2015

It’s so hard to believe May is gone already! In truth, the first half of the month was a bit of a blur with final papers and exams to complete for my classes and a few papers to finish editing at my job. Once those were finished, I spent the following week just sleeping and recuperating. Since then I’ve been settling into a routine of work and play. Here are some of the things I’ve been loving in May!


Things I’m Loving – April 2014


Here I am once again at the end of another month, looking back and thinking of all the things that I’ve enjoyed the past few weeks. It’s definitely been a beautiful month full of springtime flowers and sunny days. I’ve enjoyed the sakura season and a flower festival celebrating spring, as well as tasty holiday treats. Here are some of the other things that have made April a wonderful month. (more…)