Things I’m Loving – January 2017

It’s already the end of January which means it’s time to take a quick look back at the first month of the year AND we are that much closer to our little one’s arrival! It’s been a super busy month with preparing to be a first-time mom and trying to finish up all the tasks still on my plate at work before I start my maternity leave. Wish me luck…I’m going to need it! And as always, I like to think about some of those little things that I’ve been enjoying throughout the month. So here are things I’ve been loving in January! (more…)


Things I’m Loving – January 2015

When I went to prepare my February Things I’m Loving post, I discovered I never published this January edition! >_< I knew I’d worked on it but I forgot that I still needed to add photos before I could publish and with so much on my plate this semester, it slipped my mind entirely. So here is that January post…only a month behind. Better late than never I hope!

January felt a bit like December in reverse. It started out with lots of relaxation but once I got back to Hawaii, I jumped back into work and then the Spring semester began. I actually have more commitments than last semester and I feel like I’ve been scrambling to keep up with it all. As hectic as the last few weeks have been, there are always things to enjoy and here are some of the things I’m loving this month. (more…)