Japanese cooking

A Rilakkuma Style Bento


Playing around with the actual presentation of my bentos has made preparing lunch less of a chore and more of a fun, creative outlet. Not only did I find a new heart-shaped vegetable cutter to play with, but I found Rilakkuma-shaped kamaboko! (more…)


Bento Fun: Playing With Vegetable Cutters


June was so full of travel and guests that we ended up eating out a lot and my venture into bento making got a bit derailed. I’m back at it again though and I found vegetable cutters to help make my bentos more fun! (more…)

Our Last Day in Okinawa

On our last day in Okinawa Prefecture, we said goodbye to our resort in Ishigaki and flew back to Okinawa Island. We had most of the day before we had to be back at the airport for our flight to Tokyo so we had time for at least one more sightseeing spot around Naha. Since my husband is really interested in modern Japanese history, we headed to the Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters.  (more…)

Kyoto Souvenir Sweets: Yatsuhashi




Bringing back omiyage (おみやげ, “souvenirs”) from a trip or special event to share with coworkers is not just a fun idea but a social obligation here in Japan. So before we headed back from our Kyoto and Nara trip, we shopped around Kyoto Station for some treats to bring back. Perhaps because space is so limited here in Japan, omiyage tends to be something edible so it can be enjoyed but doesn’t stick around taking up space. There were plenty of prettily wrapped boxes of treats to choose from but I knew exactly what I wanted: yatsuhashi. (more…)