Kit Kat

Custard Pudding Flavored Kit Kats


I am always on the lookout for new delicious treats to try and since new Kit Kat flavors come out fairly often in Japan, I always look for their latest edition. The custard pudding flavor Kit Kats are perhaps the best ones I’ve tried yet! (more…)

Orange Peel Flavored Kit Kat

Orange Peel Flavored Kit Kat

Orange Peel Flavored Kit Kat

Do you ever have those nights when you just cannot end the day without some dessert? I do on occasion and usually chocolate is the only thing that will satisfy the craving and allow me to go to sleep feeling the day has been complete. On one such night as I was scrounging around in the kitchen and about to give up on finding anything, I found something I’d bought a few weeks ago with a friend and then completely forgotten about: orange peel flavored Kit Kats! (more…)