Things I’m Loving – June 2014

I know that at the end of each month when I prepare my Things I’m Loving post, I look back and cannot believe how quickly the month passed. This time around was the worst yet. I literally did not believe June was over…until I looked at my calendar and saw it’s July 2nd! How can someone miss the start of a new month, you ask? The beginning of June saw us traveling to the Okinawan Islands to explore Shurijo Castle, Kabira Bay, Fusaki Beach, Taketomi Island, and Iriomote Island. (And I actually still have more to share, I just haven’t had any downtime!) Soon after we returned to Tokyo, my mother-in-law visited for 10 days which meant lots of sightseeing every day. And just a few days after she left, a couple of friends came to stay with us for a week. I didn’t look at the calendar until they left this morning and only then did I realize…it’s July! So before I get any further behind, here are some of the things I enjoyed in June. (more…)


Kyoto Souvenir Sweets: Yatsuhashi




Bringing back omiyage (おみやげ, “souvenirs”) from a trip or special event to share with coworkers is not just a fun idea but a social obligation here in Japan. So before we headed back from our Kyoto and Nara trip, we shopped around Kyoto Station for some treats to bring back. Perhaps because space is so limited here in Japan, omiyage tends to be something edible so it can be enjoyed but doesn’t stick around taking up space. There were plenty of prettily wrapped boxes of treats to choose from but I knew exactly what I wanted: yatsuhashi. (more…)